• Designing and conducting appropriate tax and accounting policies;
  • Day-to-day accounting services, preparation and submitting monthly VAT reports and Intastat;
  • VAT registration;
  • Representation before various state institutions – National Revenue Agency, (NRA), National Social Security Institute, (NSSI), National Statistical Institute, (NSI), Bulgarian National Bank, (BNB);
  • Preparation of payment orders for the state budget;
  • Preparation of reports for Bulgarian National Bank;
  • Financial statement preparation.

Audit in association with authorised specialists:

  • We work  as partners with authorized audit companies.

Management accounting:

  • Financial reports preparation according to the requirements of our clients.

Tax Advisory:

  • Representation and defence in tax audits. Reports on specific tax issues;
  • Minimization of  taxation;
  • Application of tax legislation in complicated financial situations themselves.

HR and payroll services:

  • Registration at National Revenue Agency, (NRA) of labour contracts – signing, amendments, termination; 
  • Preparation of labour and civil contracts;
  • Full maintenance of labour files of each employee;
  • Payroll preparation, payroll slips, certificates preparation; 
  • Preparation of payment orders to the state budget and payment orders for salaries;
  • Documenting and submitting sick leaves;
  • Submitting declarations on social security, health insurance and personal income tax payments, i.e. templates 1 and 6 to the NRA; 
  • Representation and defense in audits.

Other services provided:

  • Assistance and consulting in preparation of contracts: labour contracts, civil contracts, rental contracts, contracts with clients;
  • Registration under the Law on Healthy Conditions and Safety at work;
  • Registration under the Law on protection of Personal Data;
  • Registration under the Law on Measures Against Money Laundering;
  • Publishing Annual Financial Statements at the Registry Agency;
  • Preparation of documents for bank credits;
  • Liquidation services;
  • Preparation of company management annual tax returns;
  • Assistance in inventory count.