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Zhelkova Staneva & Georgiev

Accounting Office Extraordinaire

+359 (2) 421 4749 / info@zsg-accountingoffice.com


Zhelkova Staneva & Georgiev

Accounting Office Extraordinaire

+359 (2) 421 4749 / info@zsg-accountingoffice.com

We're Here With a Mission 

Zhelkova, Staneva & Georgiev – Accounting Office Ltd. was established in 2006 by long term friends and colleagues Anna Zhelkova, Alexander Georgiev and Gergana Staneva. 

Prior to finding the Accounting Office all three partners have extensive experience in accounting, (in small and public Bulgarian companies),  auditing, (international as well as Bulgarian audit companies), tax advisory services.

The employees of Zhelkova, Staneva & Georgiev are valued professionals both by clients and state institutions we work with. They have extensive knowledge of tax and labour legislation, lots of successful audits from Revenue Authorities, proved to be in excellent cooperation with acknowledged CPA’s for our clients.

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We work around the clock, because our clients never sleep. We're curious and eager to delve in new industries and explore new possibilities.

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We don't just put our minds into our work, we invest our hearts. Though "hearts" and "accounting" rarely go together, allow us to change your minds.

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We are always open for new clients from various businesses. Whatever, whenever – drop us a line, and we're sure we'll work find a way to cooperate.

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What We Do

We're multi-talented, multi-faceted, multi-cultured.

What We Do

We're multi-talented, multi-faceted, multi-cultured.


  • Day-to-day accounting services, preparation and submitting monthly VAT reports;
  • VAT registration;
  • Representation before various state institutions – National Revenue Agency, (NRA), National Social Security Institute, (NSSI), National Statistical Institute, (NSI), Bulgarian National Bank, (BNB);
  • Preparation of payment orders for the state budget;
  • Preparation of reports for Bulgarian National Bank;
  • Financial statement reparation.

Audit in association with authorised specialists:

  • We work as partners with authorized audit companies.

Management accounting:

  • Financial reports preparation according to the requirements of our clients.

Tax Advisory:

  • Representation and defence in tax audits. Reports on specific tax issues;
  • Minimization of  taxation;
  • Application of tax legislation in complicated financial situations themselves.

HR and payroll services:

  • Registration at National Revenue Agency, (NRA) of labour contracts – signing, amendments, termination; 
  • Preparation of labour and civil contracts;
  • Full maintenance of labour files of each employee;
  • Payroll preparation, payroll slips, certificates preparation; 
  • Preparation of payment orders to the state budget and payment orders for salaries;
  • Documenting and submitting sick leaves;
  • Submitting declarations on social security, health insurance and personal income tax payments, i.e. templates 1 and 6 to the NRA; 
  • Representation and defense in audits. 

Other services provided:

  • Assistance and consulting in preparation of contracts: labour contracts, civil contracts, rental contracts, contracts with clients;
  • Registration under the Law on Healthy Conditions and Safety at work;
  • Registration under the Law on protection of Personal Data;
  • Registration under the Law on Measures Against Money Laundering;
  • Publishing Annual Financial Statements at the Registry Agency;
  • Preparation of documents for bank credits;
  • Liquidation services.